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Ha Trig Beat: Scene 6



X: Soft toward unwell veteran, we yield zeal,

Pi: Your discretions better can persuade
Under the covering of a careful night
And it must follow, as the night the day!

X: Askew boor! Capsized dinghies eject friends!

Pi: Now with a robber's haste!

Pi: Ornithary!

Ornithary: Floral fruit producing goods.

X: Grand hearted Ibis!

Pi: And I do wish your honours may increase.

Ornithary: Raise promotion betterment. Retreat advance behind your front, and forward precocious developments.

Pi: Seeking the bubble reputation of a certain bird,
And I will stoop and humble my intents
To your well-practis'd wise directions.

Ornithary: Advisement weighing, put on the scale, a pecking order, dominance.

X: Judicial King, let meaning now open proximate questions reckoning.

Pi: Quickly drop; my day is dim!

Ornithary: Favorable assenting. Accord.

Pi: The devil to his fellow and delight!


Jeffrey Straney as X
Alliver Slakovski as the Ornithary
Kyle Browning as The Private Investigator

Music, artwork, and writing, by Kyle Browning.