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Ha Trig Beat: Scene 7



Ornithary: Identity name your heading direction

Pi: Touching our person seek we no revenge,
But the Bird with his palace of dim night

X: Suspicious, though, unhappy vermin’s way zigzag’s

Ornithary: Oblique askance dubious decided, clear-cut wounds, this bird would distressfully cross... Perplexing. Question investigation.

X: Allowing belief’s certain destination, engage for guests, hoping intellect jives

Orn: Improbability probable. Reasonably, let’s reason on.

Pi: Ornithary, I would to where I hear he makes abode.

Orn: Address demand solicitation? Claim allegation statement proclamation.

X: Keeping loose minds nescience obliged, persons quoted rebuke said thrush under violent wantings, yes, zappings abominable, bringing cruel death.

Pi: A dateless bargain to engrossing death!

Ornithary: Expiration finishes beginnings… and is the root of Nightly Bird’s substance, but bodies do not form his scheme’s disposition.

Pi: When creeping murmur and the poring dark
Fills the wide vessel of the universe.
From camp to camp through the foul womb of night
shall rob those men that day has long waylaid
As the last warmth of their lips
Slinks all away, leaving their false vows with them,
On bloody courses, the rude scene may end
And darkness be the burier of the dead!

X: Early foragers glean feast in joyous kraven lusty murk, nibbling orifices pluck quality repas sunlight.

Ornithary: Gloomy animation briskly bustling runs. Flee abandon thoughtless thoughts.

Pi: Happy am I to be a man so bold
That dares do justice
It is a branch and parcel of mine oath,
A charitable duty of my order.

X: The usual value woefully, yet zoaly, abounds. Bright coined doubloons easy find good homes in jocular kin loquacious.

Ornithary: Fluent flowing- empty needy- wealthy rich -tasteless weak-

Ornithary: Definite.

Jeffrey Straney as X
Alliver Slakovski as the Ornithary
Kyle Browning as The Private Investigator

Music, artwork, and writing, by Kyle Browning.