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Ha Trig Beat: Scene 8



Ornithary: Bold Audacious!

X: Madreporite nowither, ordinate parallactic quintic radii!

Pi: Oh! Fortune’s friend, how is it that the clouds still hang on you?

Ff: oh whither where lair hair hond hates, on sapp ul grates and fates late mate. A brease leaves lease sol sour clair.

Pi: My liege, and madam,
day is day, night is night, and time is time!

X: Scantling tale unveil vigorously!

Ornithary: Careful, careless indiscreet and foolish goose. Backup preceding procession.

Ff: for taken re sieved given gave, bee Set bea stees steal steel sill bea thing art, and tare tear tier tee err flescended scents. Hie hade ent ah knee chew sing songs, flut glutting winging wringing stings.

Ornithary: Cortege. Train bring up, teach wise one up.

Ff: whole hin lind lair linking limber bair, bar bar baring herring bird. Thorn corn soarn for lorning orn i ferry, tun cuvv her beating tumble air blair claire de loon doubloon pair parry. T’air tis hew mane.

Pi: Where, on the quarry of these murder'd, dear,
Does error drive our eyes and ears amiss?

Ff: Eyet height light might knight nights. Nitey nite might mite miter smitten. Had hard cavern cave tave tavern tove slithing lithe lies lay low in snow no un knows. E miss net not car get. Or nigh there’s thigh bares a beat tattle toos link. Ere konig cu ning kind king cain spendly spindly spill thats many mani pahd may hum, reflections’ thumbs become, of ay all ded wings spring sproutling brings, hordes heard harried harrier Circinae. Circus pygargus, Circus cyaneus, Circus aeruginosus, Circus spilonotus, Circus spilothorax, Circus anivorus, Circus approximans, Circus macrosceles, Circus mallardi, Circus buffoni, Circus-

Ornithary: Circle circumambulate! Beating around the bush! Bedraggle fizzle peter out. Expose imputation!

Pi: I come to greet confusion.
Let none presume this candle burns not clear!
This Bird of Night, it may be you have mistaken him
By cardinal sins and hollow hearts
All these accused him strongly;
Of rapes and ravishments
Of murder most foul.
But this strange, and unnatural prophetic soul
makes fair gifts fairer
And so, upon mine hostess there: good sir, make haste.

Ornithary: Fleetness fleeting, cursory. Precipitous precipitate manifest reveal.

X: Snow tumbles under vistas wintry. Your zoological aptitude circinae designates easily, for great harriers in Jovian kieserite lined pub quack riotously.

Ornithary: Mob violence, free for all, spree… Saturnalia! Circus Saturnalia!

Ff: Pre size lie dry crying cry out wool eff!

Pi: Taffeta phrases, silken terms precise!

X: Saturn’s tavern, umiak velocity will yank zephyrously anxious boat clear down eastern fuss.

Ff: Hiss won leaks tongue roots! Root of all bereaved veils, swill swoon speed dug cup. Fees ton dry root!

Pi: My duty then, with payment for my pains!

Hajera Ahmed as Ff
Jeffrey Straney as X
Alliver Slakovski as the Ornithary
Kyle Browning as The Private Investigator

Music, artwork, and writing, by Kyle Browning.