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Reflecting the Sun’s Glory


Every night the Sun rides forth into the underworld

to confront and fight the demons that would corrupt us.

And every night the Moon returns to us from the underworld

where she would use her cunning to bewilder the devils that would ruin us.

In the daytime the Moon slips in and out of the underworld

disguised as a phantom, cloaked in darkness

for the Moon is only visible to us because she reflects the light of the Sun

even as it shines from the underworld.

The Moon reflects the Sun back to us to remind us

of the great strife the Sun wages for us each night.

But every day as the Moon slips through the veil and into the underworld

The High Priestess snatches her up and carves a sliver from her body to use for magic.

One by one The High Priestess carves up our Moon into fifteen or sixteen little pieces.

She arranges them into a magical sigil

What spells are held in her sigil, none can know.

What is known is that once the work is cast

The High Priestess reassembles the Moon piece by piece, night by night

until she is returned to us in her fullness to reflect the Sun’s Glory

as we too strive to embody his light, little by little, in our moments of darkness.